When I first met the owners Juan and Carol,  I could instantly tell that they were great people who truly loved animals and loved being able to work with them.  When we added Seamus (our beautiful yellow lab) to our family, West Point was the only place we would consider bringing him. They taught him all the basics and worked with my entire family to ensure that we went home with all of the knowledge and skills necessary to make homecoming a positive experience for Seamus and all.  The entire staff is wonderful!  We also depend on them for all of our boarding needs as we know that Seamus gets everything he needs (and more) while visiting with his "extended family."  Seamus is getting ready to continue his next level of training and I know it will be just as successful as our past experiences.  I highly recommend West Point to everyone!

Lauren and Eric Hess and family

I have a mixed breed dog that I rescued in the Bahamas at 5 weeks old. These breeds are referred to  as "potcakes" in the Bahamas and are a mix of many different dogs. They are particularly smart and loyal but many are used to a care free life running the islands without boundaries.

At 7 months old, I took "Rocky" to West Point where I was greeted by an extremely friendly staff and it was immediately evident that the owner Juan Vega had a special connection with dogs. All I can say is that Rocky came back after 6 weeks of training, a different animal. Though still a puppy, he obviously responded well to the training and it seems as though all he wants to do is please his master. Whatever Juan's connection is with dogs, it rivals the "Dog Whisperer".
I would highly recommend this training center to anyone and I will use them again for boarding purposes as well. The facility is clean, spacious, professional and well run. I would be happy to answer any questions by e-mail -

Having known Juan and Carol Vega for more than 10 years, I can tell you that they are committed to excellence and that is clearly demonstrated just as soon as you go to their facility, West Point K-9 Academy in Horse Country. Training, boarding and caring for dogs of all sizes is what Carol and Juan are about. It is their passion and you can see it and feel it as you walk around their 2 1/2 acre facility.  You will be delighted that it is clean, safe and comfortable for not only the dogs and their owners but for the trainers and staff as well. If you're a dog lover and  have some questions about boarding and/or training your dog or want to purchase a pet for the family or for protection,  consider calling  Carol and Juan Vega and they would be happy to answer your questions.

Michael Miller - Horse Country, FL

When I first heard about West Point K9 Academy, the recommendation was 
so glowing that I decided to check it out.  Even though it was quite a 
trip for me,  I thought that maybe I might use it for a back-up boarding 
location in a pinch. I was so impressed  with the space & cleanliness, even more 
impressed with Juan himself, that I wound up leaving my puppy for 
obedience training.  Mackie is so happy there, that I feel like I'm 
giving him a special treat every time I take him back. I think this is what a spa for dogs would be!   With a level of attention that you would give them at home if you had the 
time.  I will never  have to feel guilty about leaving Mackie at K-9 
as he just loves it!

Michelle Gersten - Brickell Ave. Miami